Canada Postal Services

Canada Post Headquarters————————————————

Development Manager & Advisor
Ottawa, Ontario
$159M Budget
400,000 sq ft


GBA led the creation of a world-class facility for Canada Post. This flagship project resulted in the redevelopment of one of the major federal employment nodes of Ottawa — a development program of over 2.5 million sq. ft. As a key member of the development team, GBA developed a business case analysis which determined the course of action taken in this large-scale public-private redevelopment project.

Situated in Canada’s capital, one of the largest land-use collaboratives was struck between the private sector and all levels of government. The technical, legal and financial agreements were complex and extensive, an integral part of GBA’s management responsibilities and expertise. GBA services included the:

•   Consolidation of Canada Post Headquarters into one address
•   Area redefined as a prominent address for business and     residents
•   Creation of new office space and a parking structure
•   A state-of-the-art workspace and communications centre for             approximately 3,000 personnel
•   Canada Post Phase I Headquarters was completed on time    (under 2 years from design to occupancy) and on budget